Thursday, September 13, 2012

the road not (yet) taken.. (i)


We have not reached 'tomorrow' when we are still living in 'today'.
Being just the mere creation, we do not know 'tomorrow'.
For us, 'tomorrow' is a riddle to be solved; a discovery to be discovered.

So let's (together) try solve this riddle; let's uncover this mistery.
It will not be easy (I assure you) but with constant thoughts of Him in our mind and strong faith towards Him in our hearts, insyaAllah, we can 'walk' through this. InsyaAllah we can.

Upon taking this road, neither is it enough to stop or pause under the shades of it's trees.
We have a mission to complete, a destination to reach.
We must go on; go through this road of uncertainty.
For our destination is outside it; a place unseen, a place unheard; a place we cannot imagine. Really; we cannot.

Hence, when time reaches us, do bring me; bring me through the 'light' and 'darkness' of this road.
Take me, take me with you.
Take me with you to the ultimate light; the ultimate light of His paradise.
Only under the shades of it's trees will I find peace, tranquility and happiness.

So will you take me?

p/s: for the future; once the road has been taken, insyaAllah.. :)

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